Home Healthcare Companies Pennsylvania

Home healthcare companies in Pennsylvania could provide alternatives to Nursing Homes, you do have a few options:

Home and Community Care

There are a variety of home services available to care for ill or disabled patients. These services may keep the patient out of a nursing home. These home services include adult day care, shopping services, friendly home visits and Meals on Wheels. These programs are available in most areas.

If you are thinking about trying home care services it would be wise to discuss this with family members to see if they can help out in any way. There are also some nursing homes that offer respite care; this allows them to take in a patient for a short time in order to give the home caregivers a little break.

Subsidized Senior Housing (Non-Medical)

For senior citizens with low to moderate incomes, there are a few Federal and State programs that will help out. These facilities generally offer an apartment in a senior housing complex and they offer help with certain things like laundry and shopping.

Geriatric Care

Assisted Living (Non-Medical Senior Housing)

Assisted living is usually offered to individuals who can still live independently but just need some help with cooking, laundry or taking medicine. Generally, the resident pays rent and a fee for any services they require.

Board and Care Homes

This is similar to Assisted Living except residents need help with walking, bathing, and toileting.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

These communities provide a variety of home care assistances services in Pennsylvania based on the needs of the resident. This care can include independent living apartments to nursing care in an affiliated nursing home.

Summary of Options

Keep in mind that all the options discussed above are for individuals who don’t require skilled care or they require skilled care for only a short period. Most individuals with long-term¬†skilled needs require a higher level of care that will probably require a nursing home.

Home Health Care Services - Allowing Those Who Need Help To Live Independent Lives

Senior Home Care

There comes a moment in time in our life where the majority of us will have to face a important decision concerning how we are going to deal with our aging loved ones. As we observe their condition, it becomes apparent that their health issues prevent them from living like they once did. At this point, we are faced with three options:

1) Put them in a nursing home.

2) Move in with them or move them in with us.

3) Hire an in home care or elder care agency.

The first two options are wrought with challenges. We've all heard the horror stories of the treatment many elderly receive in nursing homes, so do we really want to take this kind of risk with the very people that gave us life and raised us? Option two can be tough as well if we are working a lot and/or have a very active family. It may also be difficult because of compatibility issues with in-laws, etc.

This leaves in home care as the ideal option to address the senior care needs of our aging loved ones. The problem here is that elder in home care is a fairly new and developing industry and many people are unfamiliar with what to look for in a good senior care agency. Here are 3 things you need to know before hiring any agency to handle the in home care of your loved ones:

1. Who is running the elder care agency you are considering?

This is a very important question because it gets to the heart of what the agency is all about. If you are dealing with an in home care agency that has a large and bureaucratic corporate structure, then there could be problems with the quality of care you receive. It is best if the folks running the senior care agency are living locally in your community and that they know how to administer proper care to their clients (your loved ones). The best case scenario would be an agency that is run by local registered nurses, since they would carry the expertise in the field to ensure that proper care is given.

2. Do they offer flexibility in their programs and services?

The last thing you need when entrusting your loved ones to elder care services is a company that takes a "one size fits all" approach to providing in home care. We all know that every individual circumstance is a bit different, and the senior care agency you deal with needs to understand that as well. Look for an agency that is willing to customize their programs and services to fit the individual needs of your family.

3. Will they allow you to use their services month to month, or do they lock you into a long-term contract?

What if you decide that the in home care agency you hired just isn't the right fit for your family? If you are locked into a extended term contract, then you will most likely have to pay a penalty of 100's or even 1000's of dollars to break it. Look for a senior care organization that enables you to employ their services month to month, consequently you have the flexibility to make a modification if your situation warrant it.